Analyzing Some of the Biggest Business Entities in the World

If you’re trying to be financially successful or you have an interest in business, then you probably spend some time analyzing the largest and most successful business entities in the world. Even if you’re just trying to do a small operation yourself, you can at least look into the techniques and theories that the larger companies have to see what kind of insight you can get into your own practices.
Think about some of the heavy hitters right now. It feels like Amazon is taking over the world as an online retailer. Facebook is in every corner of your lives, and they don’t even have a product to sell. Walmart is everywhere, even though they have questionable business practices sometimes. And a few of the rideshare companies that have exploded in the last few years have fascinating business techniques as well.


If you want to purchase anything, you can look to Amazon to see if it’s there. For 90% of your needs, it’s probably possible to buy what you’re looking for with a search string and a few clicks. Then, if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, your item will be at your door in two days. This is a fantastic business phenomenon and one that has changed the world. For your own benefit, you can look to see which Amazon business techniques are free-flowing and flexible, and then which ones are more cutthroat.


As a business entity, Facebook is a behemoth. From its lowly origins, it has figured out how to spread itself around the globe and make money doing so. It doesn’t sell an actual product, so all of its finances come from advertising negotiations. If you want to take a hint from this, you can judge how important it is to target the correct audience for advertising reach and range.


If you want to go to a physical location and get something for cheap, one of the first places that comes to mind is Walmart. Walmart’s business practices are some of the most aggressive in the world. They are known for having high employee turnover and low employee wages, but this is part of their successful capitalistic adventure. Depending on what kind of image you desire to build for your own company, you can either had this direction or the opposite as far as business practices go.

Rideshare Companies

The rise of rideshare companies is a fascinating story. The corporate structures themselves don’t sell anything, but rather organize the service. Through the aggressive use of technology, the company owners have figured out a way to allow people to use their own resources to make money, and the company gets a cut. This creates convenience for people who need to get around and opportunity for people who want to work.

Jerry Kirkham is an investment professional, and like every investment professional, he makes mistakes. Jerry encourages you to do your own independent "due diligence" on any idea that he talks about, because he could be wrong. Nothing written here, at Essential Savings, or anywhere else Jerry may write is an invitation to buy or sell any particular security; at most, Jerry is handing out educated guesses as to what the markets may do.