Jerry’s Story

Welcome to the home Of Essential Savings, the investments and savings website which aims to provide you with the most relevant financial information needed to begin your own essential savings journey.

Before we look at what this website can do for you, let me tell you a little bit about the background to the site and how Essential Savings was created.

About Me

My name is Jerry Kirkham, and I am the founder and creator of I am from the thriving city of Seattle in the USA, one of the State’s fastest growing cities. It is in Seattle that I reside and work for a local investment company, advising and guiding people on making the best investments choice that they possibly can. I thoroughly enjoy my work in this industry, for it is fast paced and always changing, but more so because there is so much that can be achieved when you enter the world of investments.

Though I love the excitement of hitting the office every day and getting to know an array of people who walk through those office doors, I began to wonder some time ago why we were not more visible online when it came to the subject of investments. Like most people now, I do almost everything online, from shopping to booking holidays and purchasing most products all at the click of the button. However, when it came to investing, most of the people I spoke to were slightly apprehensive about making any investments online, and being now well into the twenty-first century, I knew this view had to change.

How Essential Savings Began

I undertook some extensive research into the companies who were offering investments online, and the results were astounding. It soon became clear that there was a wealth of investments and savings opportunities online which were perfect products and services, but such opportunities were continuously being missed by people preferring to deal only with local investments companies.

While local investment companies are still certainly worth dealing with, there is no harm in taking the time out to look around and search online for those similar companies; after all, most of us will not just have the one investment project or the one savings account, so it makes sense to extend your search further afield. What was evident from my research was how much a website dedicated to guiding people through such a process was needed, and that was where Essential Savings was created to fill in the gap.

I began to more in-depth research as I worked with my clients and engaged their reaction to websites that they may have used as additional guidance before coming to see me for an appointment. Surprisingly, there were almost none who had anything positive to say about finding such quality sites online offering such content. However, what was clear though, after discussing my intentions to create such a website myself, was how valuable it would be to every one of my clients who felt being able to access further information in a more relaxed environment and in their own time, would significantly enhance the entire investment process.

I realized that people not only wanted to acquire further guidance and advice on their financial circumstances, even after speaking face to face with an advisor, but more importantly they wanted to connect with others in a similar situation to themselves. They also wanted to acquire any tips and advice they could offer regarding the products and services they were purchasing. It was a community of like-minded people that most of my clients were keen to be a part of and I knew that if they could only just access that one comprehensive website created purely for the investment and financial field, then I could be the one to provide such a place.

What Essential Savings Can Offer Visitors

This is the website for anybody interested in learning more about investments, savings and general finances, whether beginners or the more experienced amongst us! Here is where you will find an abundance of high quality and relevant material relating to the financial subjects that matter now. From the issues affecting businesses such as the banking system, FOREX, and cryptocurrencies to those topics of interest to individuals including budgeting, personal finances and credits and loans, this is the site that anyone can access for additional guidance.

Jerry Kirkham is an investment professional, and like every investment professional, he makes mistakes. Jerry encourages you to do your own independent "due diligence" on any idea that he talks about, because he could be wrong. Nothing written here, at Essential Savings, or anywhere else Jerry may write is an invitation to buy or sell any particular security; at most, Jerry is handing out educated guesses as to what the markets may do.