Tips for business owners looking to save money on their car insurance

You may be thinking that, when you take a trip to work in your car, this is normal practice and, therefore, normal car insurance is the perfect thing to cover your vehicle from any accidents or damage.

However, if your commute takes you quite a while to get to work and back, or you are usually picking up colleagues for the daily commute, you may need an insurance policy for your car outside of standard insurance. This is what business insurance is for. Here are some ideas of how to save some money on it.

Make sure you have all your details in check

Before you begin comparing quotes from different insurers, such as from Be Wiser Business Insurance, be sure that you have all your information ready for insurers to check. Getting a fact wrong could leave you presented with a higher quote than you actually need to pay. Consumers is a great resource for reviews of insurance providers.

During the application process, you should think carefully about:

  • The age and value of the car;
  • Any modifications made to it;
  • Who mainly drives the car;
  • Whether any additional people drive the car;
  • Your driving history.

It is important to have your full history and documents ready to share with your insurer – as, if you end up mistaking a fact or, worse still, lying about it, there is a potential danger of invalidating your insurance policy.

Ensure you know exactly what you need

You can easily become swept up and pressurised with insurance companies keen to offer you inflexible policies that are too small or large for your needs, but there is no need to settle for this.

In looking at an insurance company, look up its rating for customer service and flexibility on review platforms such as Feefo and see whether or not it offers the flexibility you need to find the right deal for you. If you cannot find the right insurer yet, then do not panic. Go to your colleagues or HR department and ask if they have any advice, as they may recommend some better options.

Secure your car

Though this may seem overly simplistic, fitting a security system within your car can do wonders for the price of your insurance. When an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device is fitted in the vehicle, many insurance policies offer a discount.

However, if you find that your car already has been fitted with these, as most modern models are, be sure to declare them to your insurer, as these security additions will be factored into the final insurance price. 

Short-term use

If you are planning on using a business car just for short trips or even for temporary use, then there are policies that will fit these needs. Short day policies or temporary cover can last between 28 days to just one day.

This means that you do not have to buy business car insurance for periods of time when you do not drive. Instead, you can save money by fitting the policy around your work and driving schedule.

Jerry Kirkham is an investment professional, and like every investment professional, he makes mistakes. Jerry encourages you to do your own independent "due diligence" on any idea that he talks about, because he could be wrong. Nothing written here, at Essential Savings, or anywhere else Jerry may write is an invitation to buy or sell any particular security; at most, Jerry is handing out educated guesses as to what the markets may do.